Saudi Visa Letter


AACCI is authorised by the Royal Embassy of the KSA to certify company letters which are one of the key requirements for commercial visit visa applications to Saudi Arabia.

AACCI offers a certification and stamping service for Australian company support letters that must be provided as part of an application for a Saudi Business Visa or Work Visa.

We offer document stamping at an affordable price to companies who need a certified company support letter. Members of AACCI can use our stamping service at a discounted rate.

AACCI’s stamping service is subject to our policy and procedure. Refer to full details further down.

AACCI provides the stamping as a walk-in service (no appointment is necessary) in five (5) states – see our stamping locations. We also provide stamping services via email and express post.

We adhere to confidentiality and certification process quality. Our stamping service is subject to strict policies and procedures. You can rest assured that all commercial information you provide us with is kept securely and in confidence.

AACCI is NOT authorised to provide any visa advice. For current and all visa information, contact Saudi visa centre Tasheer and refer all enquiries to one of the Saudi visa centres in Australia:

Note that AACCI does NOT provide stamping services for private or tourist visas. For all information about visas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, please visit

* Please note that AACCI does not provide any visa advisory services, and under no circumstances will specific information relating to an individual visa applicant be provided.