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AACCI Membership is not automatically granted upon application and payment.  AACCI reserves the right to accept or reject a membership upon a review process.
If a membership is rejected, AACCI will reimburse the full membership fee.

AACCI Membership: Your Path to Business Success

Unlock new business opportunities with one of our membership plans. AACCI’s membership plans help you, as a business owner of any size business, create connections, enhance engagement, and drive investment and bilateral trade successfully.

As an AACCI member, you'll gain access to:

exclusive benefits,

dynamic events, and

valuable networking opportunities that will help your business grow and prosper.

Become a member of a vibrant community of Australian and Arab businesses – join AACCI today.

Doing business in the MENA region? We are here to help you

Join AACCI as we develop deeper trade and investment relations in the MENA region

Tap into the potential for market expansion and make the most of what the Arab world offers for market diversification. The MENA region is dynamic. It has one of the fastest-growing middle-class consumer bases in the developed world and enjoys strong economic growth.

Join us in strengthening the Australia-Arab trade and investment relationship.

Since 1975, we’ve supported thousands of Australian businesses in establishing and fostering bilateral trade relationships.

We’ve also facilitated Arab investors’ access to promising opportunities within Australia.

Leverage our extensive track record. Our members understand the business dynamics within the Arab world firsthand. We know how business is won and lost in the MENA region and are eager to share these insights with you. Explore membership options.

How AACCI Helps You as a Member

Business Expansion

Discover new business avenues and make connections

Get timely information on emerging business prospects and regional shifts. We reframe complex developments into clear insights so you’ll know the impact they might have on your trade ambitions.

Gain an edge from the seminars and networking events we organise. You’ll get to connect with key players and get equipped to make the most of emerging opportunities.

Benefit from our extensive network and get connected with essential entities like government bodies, businesses, and advisory services, as well as our experienced Executive Officers.


Qualify your exports with efficient certification

Access AACCI’s accurate document certification services tailored for Australian exporters. Our rigorous procedures are designed to ensure product safety and security, meeting the needs of both Australian exporters and Arab importers.

Contribute towards improving food safety in the Arab world.

Benefit from AACCI’s unique position as a certifier accredited by both the Australian government and the 22 Arab League states.

Rely on our authority to validate your export documents, enhancing your market access.

Enjoy the convenience of document certification across five (5) strategic locations in five Australian states, spanning ports, airports, and CBD locations.


Your Bridge to Successful Australia-Arab Business Ventures

We know doing business with the Arab world can be challenging, which is why we focus on providing the social, cultural and commercial knowledge you need to succeed in the region.

As a member, you get to benefit from AACCI’s presence and services in most Australian states and territories - we are a truly national body.

As a member of AACCI, you’ll get access to our well-establish network of other businesses and people who will help you develop the contacts you need with government bodies, chamber-to-chamber and other businesses.


Driving Exports: Discovering Opportunities, Streamlining Regulations

AACCI represents its members by taking a leading role in working with governments in Australia and the Arab League states to unlock new opportunities and optimise the regulatory environment for your exports.

As a member, you can trust the strong relationships we’ve developed with Arab Ambassadors in Australia to assist you when required.

Benefit from AACCI’s authoritative voice as the peak industry body and up-to-date knowledge of the Australia-Arab trade relationship.

As a member of AACCI, you join a community of private companies and individuals working for a common goal: to advance our projects and promote public policy that will build stronger economic ties between Australia and the Arab world.

Saudi Visa Certification

Authorised Certification of Company Letters

AACCI is recognised by the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to certify company letters, an essential requirement for commercial visit visa applications to Saudi Arabia.

Benefit from our national network of offices and access this stamping service in a location close to you.

As a member, you can count on us for special dispensation advocacy on your behalf in exceptional circumstances.