Women’s insights into doing business in the Middle East

On Wednesday, 29 May 2024, AACCI & the Global Victoria Women’s Initiative held a joint businesswomen’s Roundtable Meeting and Networking Event at the Investment Centre Victoria in Melbourne.

The discussion focused on busting myths by highlighting how women are successfully realising opportunities across a range of industry sectors in the Middle East.

Inspirational and empowering stories were shared from direct experiences from a range of business journeys in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The discussion also focused on personal learnings, importance of cultural awareness in navigating effective communications, establishing connections and relationships.

The collective view was that it is not difficult for women to do business in the Middle East, however it is important to possess a good appreciation of the country and market, be able to adjust the strategy and time expectations, understand stakeholder requirements and adopt a solve the issue approach.

The ongoing value of Global Victoria programs and Global Victoria’s presence in the MENA region through the Victorian Government Trade and Investment office in Dubai as well as continued AACCI initiatives and connections to the Middle East were also acknowledged by participants.

During the networking part of the evening vibrant discussions continued and many business connections were built.

“..It was wonderful to attend and meet so many remarkable women involved in business in the Middle East. I truly appreciate having a supportive group, and I wish there had been more time to get to know everyone better. I hope events like this will become more frequent…” Angela Domenici, Creative Consultancy

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