The Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been authorised to issue documentary evidence of origin by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Australian Chamber has been appointed by the Australian Government, which derives its authority from the provisions of a series of international conventions to issue “non-preferential” documentary evidence of origin for goods originated in and exported from Australia.

AACCI provides efficient and accurate export document certification services to Australian exporters. AACCI maintains the status of mutual recognition with receiving countries in the Arab World, which means that AACCI stamp is recognised by the 22 Arab League countries.

AACCI’s rigorous systems and procedures are designed to ensure safety and security for Arab importers and Australian exporters. We understand explicitly the actual requirements for export document certification and willingly assist our members to determine the type of certificate of origin required.

AACCI offers export certification services at 5 locations across 5 States: Melbourne Airport, Port Botany in NSW, Brisbane Airport, Adelaide Airport and Perth Airport.

We stay connected with the needs of our members and freely coordinate additional stamping services around religious and cultural festivals in Australia and across the MENA Region.

Steps For Export Document Certification

Different documentary requirements for evidence of origin may apply depending on the nature of the goods.

These may include:

  • Fully Australian Originated Goods (Certificate of Australian Origin)
  • Non-Australian Goods (Certified Declaration of Origin)
When applying for the Certificate of Australian Origin (COO - Form CO6) or Certified Declaration of Origin (CDO - Form CO9) and prior to presenting these documents to AACCI for certification, exporters must consider the following:

Familiarise themselves with the rules for export document certification and stamping.

Understand the requirements for the origin of goods evidence by the intended importing country as well as the importer who may, at any time, have additional commercial document requirements.

Download the required Certificate of Origin to ensure that the most current version is being used.

Provide any supporting evidence required (i.e. note requirements for Certified Declaration of Origin – proof of Origin required.

Ensure that All fields on the Certificate of Origin and/or the Certified Declaration of Origin are completed and signed by the authorised company signatory. AACCI will not stamp incomplete, unsigned, without a date or out of date documents.

Find out if the documents need to be legalised by the diplomatic mission of the importing country as part of the requirement by the importing country in addition of being certified.*

Complete the Exporter’s Registration Form prior to presenting the documents to AACCI for certification – a compliance requirement to be updated every 12 months.

Consider the option on the Exporter’s Registration Form to join AACCI as a member (AACCI Membership offers a range of Benefits including 34% discount on stamping fees per set as well as an on-account charging facility). GST does not apply to payments for Co6 and CO9.

Present at the point of stamping one extra copy of CO6. With CO9 you are required to also provide a proof of origin from the country where goods originate.

Records – AACCI is required to retain a copy of the CO6 or CO9 on record.

Extra Charges – A $5 photocopy and $10 printing charges per page apply should no extra copy be provided.

Present a full set of export documents which may include, in addition to the COO, a Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Health & Halal Certificate and/or any other relevant certificates required by the importing country, such as Conformity Certificate etc.

Check – The exporter must check all importing country requirements.

Amendments – Due to a substantial error or of late changes to the terms of the export contract, an exporter may apply for an amendment to a Documentary Evidence of Origin that has already been issued. In such circumstances, a duly amended certificate can be issued.
When applying for an amendment, the original certificate will be presented with a copy of the new amended certificate. Copies of both are to be supplied for AACCI’s records. The amendment date cannot exceed one month from the date of issue of the original document.

* Whilst AACCI provide the list of Document Legalisation Contact Details of Embassies and Consulates of the MENA region countries in Australia and since this information is only indicative, AACCI does not take any responsibility for any changes that may occur without notice. It is the exporter’s responsibility to contact the relevant Diplomatic office in Australia for correct and up to date information.